Wall Hanging Irish Cross

Wall Hanging Christian Cross

Wall Hanging Irish Cross

This elaborate Irish Cross is a wonderful reminder of an ancient culture that found the light of Christianity.  The intricate design of the wall hanging Irish Cross show some characteristics of the Celtic cross, but rely much more on symbolism. This beautiful wall hanging Irish Cross portrays different angels playing harps, blowing trumpets, and taming lions. The bottom of the Irish Cross portrays the importance of marriage, and the loving bond between man and woman. Crafted from cultured marble, this delightful wall hanging Irish Cross measures 12" high and weighs approximately 3 lbs.


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History Of The Irish Cross

The Irish Cross is an expression of a very ancient culture dealing with a cosmological prophecy of the expectation of the coming of God's Messiah. That is to say, they trusted in the prophecy (their own prophets forecast the appearance of Jesus) -but were not sure how to express it in the thoughts and art of their unique culture. And also, -later on, the Irish were faced with the dilemma concerning the actual historical appearance of Christ and the many reports about His mission here on earth. The Irish needed to integrate this information with their own ancient religion based upon astronomy and cosmology. They needed to integrate this New Religion with their own ancient Religio-Science.

The ancient scientists of north-western Europe, whom some call Druids, were exceptional investigators into natural science and astronomical science. One of the most important things that they discovered was the formula used by nature to build and develop its creation. That formula is the Divine Golden Mean Proportion. Namely, a formula that can be imposed on any size of indistinct, undifferentiated matter which will bring that matter into the realm of Form.

The traditional Irish Cross is appreciated world wide as one of the great and beautiful art forms. One of the reasons that they are so highly regarded is that these Irish Crosses combine nature, philosophy, science, and religion into one embodiment of art, using the Golden Mean Proportion as their guide. The Divine Proportion has been known to mankind since the beginning of man's appreciation of science. It is the design principle of the Egyptian Temples, the Greek Parthenon, the European Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci, Durer used it, as did Stradivarius in the creation of his famous violins. Nature uses the Golden Mean as a pattern to fabricate the forms of spiral sea shells, pine cones, flower petals, seeds, and the development and growth patterns of all forms including our human form itself. It may surely relate to the design of the universe itself. There is no doubt that the knowledge of the Golden Mean represents the beginnings of the higher sciences and technological advancement. The Divine Proportion is obvious in the traditional Irish Cross.

The Killamery Cross is a monumental Irish Cross located in Kilkenny, Ireland. The symbolic stone serpents upon this Irish Cross represent the very snakes that St. Patrick had been sent to cast out of Ireland forever. St. Patrick’s battle was with the Serpent Knowledge of the Druids. Patrick needed to tell the Druids about his God, who was born on the special extra days at the end of the year like so many of the primeval gods of antiquity. The extra days between the fulfillment of the old cycle and the beginning of the new cosmic cycles were regarded as sacred windows of time. Within the space of this brief period of Holy Time, the worn-out beliefs and idols must be tossed down from their exalted pedestals and abandoned. New beliefs and ceremonies must be instituted. The Irish Cross was a symbol of this new belief system.

The underlying drama of the history called The Contention of Patrick and the Druids -is that the Druidic Crosses have already predicted the advent of the Universal Messiah, and therefore have preceded Patrick’s evangelical mission. In fact, almost each and every one of the Druids of Ireland converted to Christianity, not just as proselytes or new believers, but as the priest/scientists of the new religion. Patrick could not, and would not allow Christianity to become a continuation of the Serpent Knowledge; yet upon reviewing Irish law, he pronounced it to be acceptable and in accord with the natural law. It is because of this mandate that Roman law was never introduced into our island. Because of this very special history, Irish Catholicism became a chimera-like creature reflecting a union of extremely ancient as well as modern traditions. The Irish Cross still stands as a remembrance of St. Patrick, and his mission of bringing Christianity to the world.


Christian gifts are sweetest when they are won with prayers and adorned with thanks.

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