The Jerusalem Cross Necklace

LIMITED EDITION Filigree Cross Necklace

Filigree Christian Cross Necklace

Carry a piece of the holy land with you wherever you may go. This wonderful presentation piece contains stone fragments gathered from the hills of Jerusalem.  Delicately presented in a stunning filigree cross necklace, this stunning Christian necklace will be admired by all. The heirloom quality and immense significance of the Jerusalem Cross ensures its value as it is passed from generation to generation.  Each filigree cross necklace comes with a matching  24" chain, and a beautiful presentation gift box. The presentation box has a clear glass front so you can display this wonderful Christian gift cross anywhere.

Gold Filigree Cross Necklace Silver Filigree Christian Cross Necklace Gold Christian Cross Chain Christian Cross Worn As Necklace Gold Christian Cross In Presentation Case Jerusalem Stone Prior To Embedment

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Additional Information

Origins of the Jerusalem Cross

While visiting a remote region of Italy, I was captivated by a filigree cross necklace that one of the local townspeople was wearing. Being a connoisseur of fine Christian jewelry, I was immediately drawn to this work of art. It was the most enchanting filigree crosses I'd ever seen.

When I asked where this filigree cross came from, I was told it was a family heirloom that contained stone from the holy city of Jerusalem. It has been in their family for generations. Further, they believe that the filigree cross necklace possessed special powers that helped the wearer channel their prayers so they will be answered.

I was fascinated! I noticed similar filigree cross necklaces on other people and all told inspirational stories of faith and miracles-- money & gifts gained, love found, livelihoods restored, and luck changed. All of these Christian crosses had contained stone from the holy city of Jerusalem. These wonderful stories of faith and hope inspired us to make a filigree cross that all our friends can own. A cross necklace that will become a treasured family heirloom and a source of faith. And with that faith, they can share in the blessings of Jerusalem. With this, we crafted this beautiful filigree cross necklace, containing stone gathered from the hills of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem : The City Of Miracles

Throughout the ages, people found miracles in the blessed City of Jerusalem. Visitors often brought back stone and soil from Jerusalem to bestow prosperity and the gift of success upon their households. Stories about miracles of renewed strength and prosperity have been told by may. Jerusalem, what other place on earth is as holy as Jerusalem? What other city has witnessed as many miracles? The holy land, the Sacred land of Christ. 


Christian gifts are sweetest when they are won with prayers and adorned with thanks.

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