Running Hogs

By Jerry Ousley

Sometimes I hesitate telling some of the things I did as a kid growing up. I don't want to give kids of today any ideas. But then maybe if they'd pull some of the pranks we did as kids they wouldn't be in as much trouble today. We all pull pranks as kids (and some of us haven't grown up yet). I'm sure many of you have done things you wouldn't want your kids to do, am I right? But I'll tell this on myself just to illustrate a point. Okay enough already; let's get down to business here.

We were "mighty hunters" in those days. My brother, cousin, and I would stalk all kinds of prey in the woods with our Daisy BB guns. This one particular hot day as we were walking up the road we took notice of a rather large hog pen. We had passed it many times before but not with the glint in our eyes we had that day.

One of us pointed the trusty Daisy in the direction of a big hog and squeezed a round off. That hog jumped, danced, and did the "heeby-jeeby" all at once. Of course we all laughed at the way that fat hog did her graceful jig. With that kind of entertainment going on how can you stop with just one shot?

Someone else said, "Hey, let me try that!" And before anyone had a chance to object another hog was doing the same thing. One thing led to another and well, we found ourselves in the hog pen (which went way back into the woods) chasing those hogs all over the place. It was a good thing we had plenty of ammunition because some of the really big ones started toward us, but only until they felt the fury of our BB's.

I'm sure we ran several pounds off those hogs that day and if the owner had known he wouldn't have appreciated it one bit. Here's the thing though, had those hogs united and withstood a few more "stings" they could have easily run off three skinny boys in a hurry.

That incident reminds me of how we Christians do the same thing. We just amble through life doing our own thing. The devil sticks temptation in front of our noses and instead of asking for help and appearing like we can't handle it, we run as fast as we can while the devil grins from ear to ear at the sight. He runs us poor just like we did those hogs that day.

But if we'd bind together it could be a whole different story. In promising blessings to the nation Israel God had told them that if they were obedient to Him and stood together that they would see the time when 100 men would put 10,000 enemies to flight. (Leviticus 26:8). In reference to the Church He said that where two or three were gathered together in His name that He would be there in their midst (Matthew 18:20).

Think of it! When we stand together with Christ in our presence we can send many enemies running for their lives. The problem is that most people including today's Christians are so busy looking out for "number one" that coming together isn't even given a second thought. All we need to do is to put our petty differences aside and acknowledge others and their worth, knowing that we will need them to take up for us one day. Just think of what we could accomplish for the kingdom of God and for mankind. What d'ya say? Should we give it a try?

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