Realizing your God Self - A Guide To God

By MaryAnne MacDonald

Matthew 6.26
Matthew 6:26 - Matthew 6:31-34 - Therefore, I tell you, do not be anxious for your life: what you will eat, or what you will drink; nor yet for your body, what you will wear. Isn't life more than food, and the body more than clothing? See the birds of the sky, that they don't sow, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns. Your heavenly Father feeds them. Aren't you of much more value than they?
"Which of you, by being anxious, can add one moment to his lifespan?

When you ask, who am I? What am I supposed to be doing? Isn't it that you know in your heart that you are a child of God and you are trying to answer His purpose for your life? And what is my purpose you ask. It is simply to serve Him. Your purpose is to serve the Father during your time here on earth and to serve Him in Heaven. There's no free ticket my friend. No free ride, if that's what you think. Realizing your God Self is about learning how to serve Him. My purpose you say, is to serve Him. How?

Serve Him
Here's how: You serve Him in everything you do, whether it's doing the dishes, making the bed or acting as a CEO in a major corporation. Your first job is to serve the everlasting Almighty Father until the day we return into the arms of Jesus our beloved Savior.
Your life priority is to know Christ and to be delivered by Him into eternity.

How can you know who you are if not discovering yourself through God? How can you know what guide to follow in this life if not His Word. For example, how can anyone else know me as intimately as God does? What other Person can know me like He does. The answer is, no one. No one knows you like He does. He is, as they say in Italiano: Mio Intimo. Dio e mio intimo. E cosa penso io? In Dio c'e io.

Your Priority
Isn't it then your priority to serve God and follow God's ways?
How come everyone isn't reading the Bible? He's that voice that's speaking to us through the Word on the pages. He's instructing us and guiding us through His words in the Holy Bible. So, why is it we don't all read the Bible? I don't understand it. Why is it not on the bed table of every human being on the planet?

Tell me, why doesn't everyone know this? Why don't we all grow up praying to God for forgiveness and praying for atonement so that we can we receive the eternal gift of salvation that the Son of God has brought to us and taken our sin unto Himself. He substituted himself so that we could be saved.

The Holy Bible is the best kept secret on earth. The Holy Bible is the keys to the kingdom, it's the treasure map. Every time I read the Holy Bible, and that is mostly every day, I am opened up to the Truth of God. The Truth that is revealed to me within those pages, no man could have ever written by himself with his own hand had he not been instructed by the Holy Spirit flowing within him. The Scripture is the truth that God has revealed to me through the Holy Spirit. I pray He reveals some more of His secrets unto me and purifies my heart, daily. I want Him to make me clean so that I have a clear, content conscience. So, then in small ways throughout the day, He can reveal Himself to me. Then, I can reveal it to you. But mostly, I hope and pray for you that you will see the unseen, that you will hear the unheard and believe in the Word of God.

We are forgiven. I am forgiven. You are forgiven, you are forgiven for your evil sins and for your evil thoughts. Put them away and say the Hail Mary 3 times, for I cannot be thinking evil when my heart is focused on Mary. Say the Our Father. 3 times. God loves me. God loves you. For whatever you've done. God forgives you. Ask Him right now to come down from the Heavens, while you are on your knees sanctifying the Word of the Holy Bible and sure as there is a God in Heaven, you will be forgiven.

I want to reveal the truth to you because God is my true love and my private secret, my stronghold, my rock, and I shall not be shaken. Although the world persecutes me, I know that I am forgiven and that my victory lies in the arms of the Holy Savior. The world hated me before the world hated you.

I want to keep Him to myself and not share Him, because then I am afraid my secret will be out, that the love of God will be a trend and a hype and a marketing scheme and something to prosper from and nothing else. God wants nothing in this external world so my pact with Him is just that. Nothing in this external world, it's Our thing. And no thing can ever save you. For Jesus said, if you are loved by the world then you are not loved by God, for God does not love the things of this world. 1st letter John 5: 2.

But God doesn't want me to keep it to myself. Instead, he wants me to warm you up to the idea of the Bible, that reading it is truly and verily good reading, cavoli. You only need to pick it up more often and relish it. I mean really relish it, whatever troubles you, whatever darkness strikes your heart. Pick it up, open it up and let the Words speak to you. Let the Words spill from the page and into your heart. Let them help you to see. Read them. Start with the Psalms. Read the book of Matthew, read the letters of John and Paul. Read Proverbs and James and Mark. Read Sirach. Ephesians, Corinthians. There is some very, very, very good reading. Relish the stories, the Psalms, the Proverbs, it is pure 100% guidance. It is God. It is God's voice that Speaks to us through the pages of the Bible. So why isn't The Bible on the bestseller list?

We need more Christian stories. We need to get God's word out so you can prepare for eternity and so that you don't wander through your life aimlessly only to come to the conclusion that God always loved you and that Jesus always walked with you even though you ignored Him. Or worse, you come to the end and realize that you missed out totally on the greatest thing life could ever offer you and that is the complete and unconditional love of the Almighty Father.

Why do you have to get to a point where there is nothing? Where you've completely exhausted all of your resources, or you've wrecked your life or your job or you've trampled over someone else's feelings and beliefs and now you're completely alone, back to yourself. Just you, everywhere you go, there you are. You're like little children. You never grew up. You never matured. You can't hurt people. You cannot blurt things out. You can't be mean. God takes the evilness from your heart. Oh God put a muzzle on my mouth. For God alone my soul waits in silence. He is my salvation. He is my rock, my salvation, my steadfast love.

You're a child blessed because God promises your innocence is still there, if you just have faith that He is there to fulfill your every need. There is nothing on earth that man can give you that cannot be taken away. There is no man or woman that you can truly and verily put 100% faith in and know that they will always be there and never let you down. I'm here to tell you that God, if you pray to Him and let Him into your heart, will never let you down. Therefore, the only thing that is seen is what is unseen. What is real is unreal. You can believe in Him because He is there.

You can just mine for God as you would for gold. For He gives you riches that don't go away and the gifts of God are the ones that shall deliver you to eternity.

The love of God is more powerful than anything I've ever known. Of course, I personally didn't birth a child, but I consider all children part of my Holy family. I help; and I aid at anytime for a child.

I'm in love with Him and I am in love with Graham and I love Alex. And I love my parents. I am so blessed to have such loving and supportive parents. They didn't give me everything I wanted, they gave me what I needed; love, education, the love of God and travel. And my mom and Grama gave me the spirit of Faith. And thus from a very young age, the Holy Spirit was born in me.

Obey God and you will always find your way. When there is no one, when you are alone, 10,000 miles away from home curled up in fetal position crying because everyone has let you down or you are all alone, turn to God, He will never forsake you. As you develop your relationship with God, you become more susceptible to His ways. It's as though you set up open communication with His heart.

On closing
I have the power to change whatever I am thinking. That is one of the beauties of the Christian religion, believing in God. The Faith to know that you know that you know, God is always there.

When God says listen, He means Listen. If things are going wrong in your life, it's time you listened to God. To do it, you shall learn through me to quiet your soul. To reach your spirit and to focus awhile on your inner self.

It's the most important thing you want to do in your life: Realize Your God Self.
It's the most important relationship you'll have in your life and in eternity. It is the most you will love Someone in your life. Do not think for a moment that there exists a more perfect forgiving love relationship.

My name is MaryAnne MacDonald. I am a writer. I am a consultant for the Department of National Defence. I'm creator of KinderYoga Inc, yoga for children. My show is Body and soul yoga. My aim here is to show you that you are what you are because you have not let God in your heart. We start as little children because we want Him to know how deeply He is loved by us and that love penetrates early on with the proper nuturing and care.

By doing fitness, staying active and eating right, with plenty of proper nutrition starting with baby steps you can get to love yourself and love God too. And, you can help children adapt to the fast pace of the running world. You can teach them and yourself how to have an intimate relationship with your spirit, your soul and with God.
It's not always what you see. Because sometimes what you see isn't really there at all, is it? You see so many things that aren't there and yet you refuse to see the true One that is there for us.
That's all for now.

MaryAnne MacDonald- MaryMac Writing
Body and soul yoga. She's a writer. She loves God. He is her everything. She is here to serve Him. Without Him, she is utterly useless.

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