Free Speech: Is It For Christians?

By Kerry Hedden

Living in America provides certain freedoms that many take for granted. One of those freedoms is the right to free speech. We expect to be able to speak our minds without fear of persecution or prosecution. But do Christians truly have the right to free speech? Will they be able to retain that right in the coming years?

By the very definition, free speech would include the right to say things that are not popular with all who hear it. Lately, though, it seems that some would like to take away the rights of Christians to speak their minds on certain issues. This should stir concern in everyone, not just Christians.

While it seems to be perfectly acceptable to call fundamental Christians "lunatics" and "maniacs" the same people who hurl such insults take issue with the rights of Christians to speak out about what they feel is moral. In their minds, to call sin "sin" is hate speech. To have an opinion homosexuality, abortion and other issues can mark one as a hatemonger and there are many people who would like to strip Christians of their rights to express such opinions.

If you need evidence of this, just visit any college campus. While homosexual students can have "gay day" and campus wide coming out parties, Christian students are not allowed to protest such activity. Why is that? If homosexuals have rights and they do why do Christians not have those same rights?

If Christians don't start standing up for their rights NOW, it won't be long before those who oppose your free speech will be successful in their attempts to stop you from saying anything that they don't agree with.

Whatever your opinion may be about homosexuality, certainly any reasonable person would agree that you have a RIGHT to that opinion. Acts of violence or aggression should are always wrong and should be punished, but the right to simply state an opinion whether via a sign or verbally needs to be protected.

You, as Christian Americans, have the right to call abortion a sin. I am concerned that young Christians don't understand that. They have heard their whole lives about the rights of homosexuals and the rights of other groups, but is anyone teaching them about their rights to express themselves about what they think is right and wrong?

Christians have the right to think that God's Word is opposed to homosexuality. You have a right to think that people who engage in sin will be punished by the Creator. The thought of not being able to speak such opinions should scare you.

There are people who demand "equal rights" for homosexuals. Members of this group understand that they have a right to find happiness in any way they choose. Why then do they have difficulty grasping the idea that Christians are entitled to those same rights?

You don't have to agree with the life they have chosen. You don't have the right to hurt them or harass them, but you DO have the right to disagree with them. It does not make you a hate monger if you say "homosexuality is a sin." You should not be charged with a hate crime for holding a sign that says "abortion is murder." It's an opinion, and in this country you are allowed to have and express your opinion.

Gay rights groups claim they just want the same rights as heterosexuals. It seems many want much more than that. They want the right to never have to hear or see evidence that others disagree with them, and that's asking way too much.

Giving others the right to never be uncomfortable would mean that Christians would lose their rights to practice they way they believe. Soon, you won't even be able to invite someone to church because to do so would imply that the person you are inviting may need God in their life.

Stand up, and do it now. If Christians don't defend their right to free speech, then you may find yourself living in a place where you are forced to hide what you believe while those in sin become the only audible voice for morality in this country.

Kerry Hedden is one of the founders of

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