Even More Marvelous

By March Villareal

We are often impressed with the prospect or thought of experiencing a miracle. I have no doubt miracles still happen today since we serve a God who is powerful and who hears the prayers of His people. Not to trivialize or minimize the awesomeness of God's miraculous hand, especially to those who has experienced them first hand, but I would like to take a brief glance at something, that I believe, after close consideration, is even more amazing.

If God truly answers prayers, which I fully believe He does, then we can see, even more than before, the unlimited power & foreknowledge of God. In this light, it's even more marvelous when he answers prayers without a miracle than with one. What do I mean? The bible says that we serve an awesome God and that nothing is impossible to Him. Biblical and even secular history is riddled with accounts where God parted seas, raised the dead, and brought victory to the weak. The characteristic of a miracle is that it happens "now". What I mean by "now" is that it is taking place in present. It is a break in time & space where almighty God interrupts the daily course of our lives & our reality to deliver something miraculous- of course this is amazing and every time it happens we stand at awe of His omnipotence. But imagine how God answers prayers without a miracle. Think of what is involved in that. It's a multiple chain of events, all unrelated to each other, that all intersects at one point, all of which can be traced to the very creation of the world. The specificity involved, the factors that must be taken in account- it's amazing since any one particular event in time works out that way because of the innumerable other events that influenced its course along the way. For example: a doctor was at the scene of an accident which led to the saving of many lives. Imagine the events that played a role in causing just simply the doctor & the accident happening in the same time & place. If God determines this as an answered prayer, just imagine the foreknowledge and power that had to be exercised to make all that happen. He had to have known fully from the beginning of time that the accident will happen and He had to be powerful enough & aware enough to influence the correct sets of events with the correct intensity of his power to determine the end result- which he purposely designed to show one of his prayerful children that he hears & acts on their requests.

Let's simplify this with a humorous example from my own experiences. One day I happened to walk under a tree where I was surprised by a soft thud on my head. I looked and saw that it was a little toy of some kind that was obviously thrown and had gotten stuck in the tree. I just happened to walk under the tree when it fell. Imagine what it took to get that toy to fall squarely on my head at the exact moment that I walked under that tree. Let's first look at me: I had to be walking that exact day, that exact time, that exact speed and that exact path. Think of all the circumstances that influenced all those things to happen in that very exact manner. Now let's look at the toy: the thrower had to be standing at a specific spot, throwing with a specific force in his arm, with a specific angle in his throw. The toy had to have weighed a certain weight to fly and get stuck the way it did for that long. Finally, the Tree: the tree had to, first and foremost, be there- weather planted or by natural placement. It needed to grow to an exact height, with the exact density of its branches that allowed the toy to get stuck, if only temporarily. The wind, rain, or whatever had to have influenced the tree somehow to cause the toy to slip through at the moment that it did. Now translate that kind of detail to human history and see if it doesn't blow your mind.

It's true that the "toy" example was a little drawn out. (I could've named more factors, but I think it would've gotten a little annoying). But I believe it is a simple example of the complexity of the intertwined events & circumstances that God orchestrates in order for HIM to answer our prayers. I'm sure that you can realize how impossibly complicated and difficult it is when you take in account all the coordination and orchestration needed to answer all the prayers of all the Christians in the entire world. That is why one song says, "daily I discover you, and daily you amaze".

Mathew 6:8 says that God knows our prayers before we even ask them. When we begin to understand what is involved in the answering of those prayers, we become truly appreciative that He knows our prayers before we utter them. He not only knew them a few seconds before you said it, but in his Omniscience, he's always known it- imagine that. There is no doubt that miraculous signs and wonders are amazing to see and experience. But it is not the only thing that should be causing us to marvel. The simplest answered prayer is a demonstration of the unlimited knowledge & power of our God. His marvelous hand and mind is continually working on our behalf. We can even venture to say that God is working on our future prayers now. To me, that is even more marvelous that a miracle.

March M. Villareal is a Christian who just happens to like to write.

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