The Circle Of Angels

Beautifully Appointed Christian Necklace

Circle Of Angels Christian Necklace

Each of the seven Archangels emits their distinctive colored Ray of light. Call upon any of the seven Archangels, and their heavenly powers by simply selecting that Archangel's Angel Bead and inserting it into the Circle of Angels™ pendant. Your connection with that Archangel will be complete as you wear your Circle of Angels pendant. And the included Angel Bead Keeper makes certain that the heavenly powers of the angels will always be near.

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History Of The Archangels

The concept of guardian angels, or angels sent down from heaven to look over the individual and prevent harm, is one that can be found throughout the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament - “See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my father in heaven” (Matthew 18:10). There are no specifics in the Bible about the hierarchy of angels or how they would function at a practical level. Indeed, there is an assumption (but no real definition) that they would act with a particular individual, and would be assigned the ‘mission’ of protecting that person from sin and

Angels are the spirits of God. They were created to serve and minister to us, and answering your prayers is their special reason for being. Angels never leave or ignore you and will listen to you whatever the time of day or night. They are ready to help solve your problems, big and small.

Angels can: help bring success in your work, finances, and relationships; heal you, your family and friends; guide and inspire you in your everyday life and fulfilling your divine plan; bring you closer to your Higher Self; protect against all forms of danger, illness, misfortune or accidents, and help end wars, bring peace, and promote brotherhood and understanding.

Archangel Michael : Angel Of Protection

Michael's name is said to mean "Who is like God". Archangel Michael's role includes fighting evil and Satan and to rescue faithful souls at the hour of death. Archangel Michael was the first angel God created. In Revelations 12:7-12, it's Archangel Michael who leads his army of angels in the fight against Satan and his angels at the end of the world. Michael protects you with his mighty sword, cutting the cords that bind us to people, places, things. If you are afraid or lack  courage, imagine his protective cloak around you, helping you to speak and live your truth. Archangel Michael is the Archangel you should call on when you’re in need of courage, strength and protection. Archangel Michael's purpose is to guard and protect all of God’s creations.

Archangel Zadkiel : Angel Of Forgiveness

Call on Zadkiel's silver, violet flame to purify body, mind and soul, to heal your emotions, relationships and negative beliefs, to move on with your life, bringing forgiveness for yourself and others for true happiness and joy. Archangel Zadkiel is also said to be a very giving angel, who presides over matters such as prosperity, speculation and money. Call on Archangel Zadkiel when you are having troubles forgiving a friend or loved one for their actions, or when you need to be forgiven by others. Zadkiel may also be called upon during times of financial pressure.

Archangel Uriel : Angel Of Peace

Uriel is the Angel of Peace and can help you to release your fears and anger, letting go of the past, bringing inner peace, transformation and harmony into your life, while helping you to achieve changes and goals in life. Her powers assist not only in developing inner peace with yourself and God, but in bringing peace to social and emotional relationships as well. Uriel is said to be the most powerful and formidable angel and his presence is said to reflect the unimaginable brightness of the throne of God, for it is Uriel who's the keeper of the gates of Zion. His purpose is to teach truth, wholeness and Unity. Uriel is the archangel God sent to Noah, to warn him of the impending cleansing of the earth with floods. If you find yourself in a crisis and it’s the twelfth hour, call on Uriel to save you.

Archangel Raphael : Angel Of Healing

Raphael who’s name means ‘God heals’, is the last of the well-known angels who’s mentioned in the bible. Raphael is the angel who helps Tobias cure his Dad's blindness in the book of Tobit. Raphael gives healing, both physically and emotionally through giving and receiving love. He encourages you to communicate and share your inner wisdom to heal with thoughts, words and creativity - a sage, a seer, a healer. As well as being associated with healing and inner vision, Raphael is the angel of abundance. He will help eradicate any negative blocks, disease, and help you create everything you want, through visualization and focus. If someone close to you is blinded to the truth around them, invoke Raphael and ask that their eyes be opened to the truth.

Archangel Gabriel : Angel Of Guidance

His name means 'God is my strength' and he's said to rule the spirit of mankind. Gabriel is said to be the angel that connects the astral and heavenly worlds. He also helps gives guidance and help with prophecy and vision. So if your goals seem unobtainable, he's the angel you should look to and ask for guidance from. Famous for announcing to the Virgin Mary, she was to bear the ‘Son of God’, Gabriel is often linked as the angel of childbirth. Gabriel's shining light surrounds you with protection to guide you through your darkest moments and keeping all your loved ones safe, giving guidance, clarity, vision and discipline to follow your path. Call on Gabriel when time are tough and direction is needed, or when an important decision is to be made.

Archangel Chamuel : Angel Of Love

This Angel of unconditional love lifts you from your sorrow, helping you to love yourself and others, to express your inner feelings, and to release your negative emotions and thus mending your bruised and battered heart. Archangel Chamuel’s name means “He who seeks God”. There are many who claim Archangel Chamuel was the angel who helped Jesus in Gethsemane (Luke 22:43). Chamuel should be called upon for assistance in matters of the heart, particularly personal relationships. Her powers can also be called upon when additional nurturing is required, for the caring of a sick loved one, or the comforting of a friend.

Archangel Jophiel : Angel Of Wisdom

Jophiel, whose name means ‘beauty of god’, is attuned to the color yellow and gold. Archangel Jophiel is the archangel of wisdom and illumination. His divine purpose is to provide us with wisdom. For those sudden flashes of wonderful inspiration and answers to problems, Jophiel brings joy, laughter and light, helping with studying, exams, and concentration as well as developing intuition, inner wisdom and insight. Ask that Archangel Jophiel fill your mind, body and spirit with light, enlightenment, wisdom, joy and laughter, to help you along your spiritual pathway.


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